Music Lesson Options for Homeschoolers

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From increased academic performance, to boosting confidence, coordination, and focus, there’s no doubt that integrating music education into your homeschool curriculum has huge benefits. But what is the best way to bring music into your child’s educational experience? We take a look at some popular options.

Traditional In-Person Lessons

Local lessons, while a viable option, are becoming less popular with homeschool parents. The hassles of dealing with limited scheduling, traffic, and weather all add stress to busy schedules, and local music teachers may not be trained and certified to work with kids. Online lessons offer a more convenient option to access better instructors right from the comfort of home.

Online Video Lessons

Online music lessons for kids can take many shapes and forms. Some websites create mass-produced videos that are convenient and cheap, but are not customized to your child’s personality and interests. Without a fun and engaging experience, lessons can become frustrating and many kids won’t stick with video lessons for long.

Live Online Music Lessons

Live online music lessons are a growing trend with homeschoolers, and there is no doubt that they offer the best mixture of quality, fun, and convenience. A good online lesson studio will offer flexibile scheduling options and take the time to match you your child with the perfect instructor.

Choosing the Right Online Music Lessons

Be careful when reviewing your options for online music lessons. Some websites may make you sift through directories overflowing with unqualified freelance musicians. Others may have frustrating platforms or not specialize in working with children. Make sure to look for these features in any online music instructor you are considering for your child:

  • A Great Instructor: Make sure your instructor is experienced, screened and certified to teach kids online. Many instructors may give quality lessons in person, but may not be trained to get the most out of online lessons. The best online instructors have years of experience working with kids AND have developed the skills to teach online.
  • A Great Platform: If your potential instructor is offering music lessons on Skype, Google Hangouts,  or other similar apps, you are putting yourself at a huge disadvantage. Each of those platforms were created with simple voice chatting in mind, so the audio and video quality is nowhere near the level necessary to learn music effectively.
  • Focus on Safety: While online lessons are safer than their in-person counterparts, make sure your online lesson studio takes your child’s safety seriously. COPPA compliance is a must, and your instructor should be subject to a strict vetting to check for any potential issues. If your lesson provider isn’t taking safety seriously, you shouldn’t take them seriously.

When To Start?

Many parents make the mistake of delaying a formal music education. Studies show that when music instruction is introduced during developmental years, between birth and age ten, students progress faster and enjoy lessons more.


Live online lessons are our recommendation for providing your child with a complete music education in a fun, convenient, and safe environment.


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