Finding an Online Guitar Instructor

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Are you looking for a great online guitar instructor? It’s no secret that aspiring guitarists have more options today than ever before. The choices can become frustrating, though, as anyone with a webcam and a guitar can record a video or list themselves in a directory. Not all online guitar teachers are created equal. So how can you find the perfect expert, experienced guitar instructor for you? Let’s take a look.

Video Lessons or Live Lessons?

Video lessons are sometimes a good option to gauge your initial interest in your instrument. For anyone that wants to progress towards their unique goals, however, live lessons are the only serious option. Video lessons might feature a great a teacher or well-known name brand, but they will always lack the personalized approach needed to reach your unique goals.

For example, if you learn a technique incorrectly with a mass-produced video lesson, it can take years to correct the issue. A live instructor will work with you to make sure you are always on the correct path, and provide the personalized feedback you need to succeed. Live instruction also allows you to focus on specific songs and styles that interest you.

Choosing Your Online Guitar Teacher

This is by far the most important part of the process. You want to make sure your instructor is experienced in the styles that interest you and has experience teaching online. If an instructor gives quality lessons in-person, they are not necessarily trained to give quality online lessons. Remember, anyone can buy a cheap webcam. The best online instructors have years of experience AND have developed the skills to teach online.

The Right Platform

If your potential instructor is offering music lessons on Skype, Google Hangouts,  or other similar apps, you are putting yourself at a huge disadvantage. Each of those platforms were created with simple voice chatting in mind, so the audio and video quality is nowhere near the level necessary to learn music effectively. Look for an online music teacher using industry-leading audio and video platforms, like Zoom, so that you can learn without worrying about latency or quality issues.

Support and Community

This isn’t a necessity, but a quality online music studio will have a professional staff for easy scheduling and support. Nothing is more frustrating than experience a technical issue and being unable to find help. Some online studios also feature other benefits like workshops, events, and opportunities for performances!


We hope this article helps you find the perfect online music teacher for you! Here at LuxLessons, we pride ourselves on putting the best instructors on earth at your fingertips. Book your risk-free lesson now – if you don’t love it, it’s free!